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Serene  Sensitive

Peaceful  Moody

I got my first camera in 2011 and started to photograph nature, my kids and the old house we were living in back then. I got hooked right away and started to learn about lenses, F stops and so on. After few years I took my first course of photography and I´ve been learning new things ever since.


Lifestyle photography has stolen my heart and I  really love photos that are relaxed, easy approachable and simple. Photos, where the one watching them would want to jump into that picture. I love bringing my style of photography to lifestyle, interior, slow fashion, product and branding.

I live with my family in a small island called Lohjansaari in the Southern Finland and living in the middle of nature inspires me the most. I´m interested about slow living, gardening, old houses, stories and the ages before our time. 

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